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Advanced Enterprise PPM

This workshop is intended for organizations desiring to evolve and progress existing Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) business processes. Though recent analyst research shows that 75% of enterprises have established PPM, very few organizations are realizing the full potential of this critical strategic business process and PPM processes are generally immature. I have encountered very few enterprises with a handle on this crucial business process.

PPM is an evolving business practice applying many of the principles used in managing financial portfolios to the  management of enterprise investments in information technology, research and development, new product development, capital improvements, and sustainability programs. Despite the essential nature of this strategic capability, few organizations have mature and effective PPM processes. Very few organizations have PPM capabilities that serve every faction and need of the enterprise. For many enterprises, PPM is little more than a glorified time accounting or resource management system. This is in stark contrast to realizing the full potential of PPM, which includes:

  • Identifying the projects and programs required for the enterprise to realize their strategy and goals and determining whether or not the organization has the required time, resources and funding to undertake the efforts
  • Determining what projects and programs are underway and whether or not they should be continued, altered or stopped
  • Determining if scarce and critical resources are being appropriately allocated
  • Monitoring the progress of approved projects and programs for the purpose of determining if they are on track to complete on-time within acceptable funding thresholds and deliver expected business value
  • Enabling the post-implementation analysis to determine if required business value is delivered and the cause and effect of variances and deviations

Assembling key stakeholders and conducting a dedicated and in-depth review and analysis of PPM can provide significant benefits in a very short period of time for a relatively nominal expenditure. This acute and concentrated focus can uncover significant PPM deficiencies and inadequacies while garnering executive sponsorship and fostering the involvement and participation of key stakeholders.

This interactive workshop provides the organization an understanding their current capability in comparison to the full business potential of PPM. This understanding enables organizations to recognize their PPM needs, and determine their next steps.

Participants will learn:

  • Their PPM maturity level and PPM strengths and weaknesses
  • The business case for PPM
  • The relationship between PPM and governance
  • How PPM is defined and viewed today
  • The “P’s” in Project and Portfolio Management (Project, Program, Portfolio)
  • The role and purpose of Project and Portfolio Management Governance
  • The multiple portfolios in Portfolio Management
  • Practical steps to establish Project and Portfolio Management
  • The myriad of available PPM resources and forums
  • Their unique PPM issues and risks
  • The potential role of the PMO and the relationship the PMO has to PPM    
  • The metrics management required to ensure the success of enterprise PPM business processes
  • The next-steps in advancing and evolving the enterprise PPM processes

Duration: Three days