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Introduction to Enterprise PPM

Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) is one of the most critical business processes in organizations today. PPM delivers the means for C-levels to meet enterprise goals and strategies by providing the people, processes and technology insights necessary to steer the enterprise ship. PPM is an evolving business practice applying many of the principles used in managing financial portfolios to the management of enterprise investments in information technology, research and development, new product development, capital improvements, and sustainability programs. Despite the essential nature of this strategic capability, few organizations have mature and effective PPM processes.

This workshop is intended for organizations investigating the need for project and portfolio management or beginning a project portfolio management (PPM) effort. This one-day workshop provides an in-depth PPM orientation designed to provide an understanding of this critical strategic business process. This understanding enables organizations to accurately gauge their PPM proficiency, recognize their PPM needs, and determine their next steps.

This workshop results in participants being on the same page in relation to:

  • The relative maturity of their PPM capability
  • The business case for PPM
  • The relationship between PPM and governance
  • How PPM is defined and viewed today
  • The “P’s” in Project and Portfolio Management (Project, Program, Portfolio)
  • The role and purpose of Project and Portfolio Management Governance
  • Portfolio Management models
  • Practical steps to establish Project and Portfolio Management
  • The myriad of available PPM resources and forums
  • The potential role of the PMO and the relationship the PMO has to PPM

Duration: One day