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Kitchen Sink – A Day of Critical Enterprise Processes to Order

Every organization has very specific needs. This service is designed to offer enterprises the option of choosing their own curriculum for the day. This enables organizations to serve numerous and varied executives and team members by offering the flexibility to attend presentations in subject areas offering the most value by addressing their specific needs. The “Kitchen Sink” service enables an enterprise to offer everyone in the organization the opportunity to gain insights in some of the most critical business processes – in a cost effective manner over a single day.

Organizations can choose any four of the following 90-minute presentations:

  • Realizing the Most Value from Technology through Business Governance of IT
  • The Quest for Enterprise Agility and Innovation
  • Why IT Governance and PPM Still Matter in the Cloud
  • Meeting Enterprise Goals through Project and Portfolio Management
  • Enable Enterprise Success through your PMO
  • Ensuring Process Success
  • Meaningful Metrics
  • The Passionate Project Manager – Striving for Excellence

Presentation Abstracts:

Duration: One day