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Cloud Transformation & Adoption

Many enterprises are deploying cloud solutions to manage the growth in demand for IT services and to provide their organizations with new levels of agility, flexibility and innovation. The onset of cloud computing is more than just a shift in technology. Developing the correct cloud strategy and delivery model is critical to achieving the most business value and potential benefit.

Realizing the power and promise of cloud computing requires fundamental cultural change throughout the entire enterprise, not just in IT. By leading and managing this transformation, IT can drive cloud adoption while taking on a new, more strategic role within the enterprise—partnering with business leaders to develop new business capabilities and proceeds.

This workshop provides a high-level approach to enabling and ensuring cloud transformation success. This workshop includes:

  • The business drivers and benefits of Cloud transformation
  • The barriers to Cloud transformation
  • Formulating a Cloud transformation strategy
  • One approach to enterprise Cloud evolution: Virtualization to private to public cloud computing
  • Making sound decisions and migrating applications to the Cloud
  • Successfully managing the cultural change of cloud transformation
  • New business and IT cloud computing roles
  • What’s coming and recommendations for success